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In spite of interruptions (us clearing out of the building for a fire alarm), unexpected restarts and even being mistakenly blocked by a Joomla security add-on, Nicola Fleming from WebCoast demo'ed the case for using RSForms for constructing forms in Joomla. (At least it was better than the previous month when she was thwarted from attending by highway traffic.)  What a trooper!

More Joomla videos are available at The Joomla Videos Channel on Vimeo.

We're going head to head with a number of components for making forms. In this recording, Jeff Wilson takes us through UniForm.

We're going head to head with a number of components for making forms. In this recording, Julian Murray takes us on a tour of his productivity weapon of choice: Form Maker.

At our last Brisbane Joomla user group, copywriter Jen Lancaster talked about the best practices of SEO and content, including:

  • Is your traffic Natural, Ethical and Viable?
  • How Google+ profile helps SEO
  • The Six Tips for Website Copy
  • Local SEO checklist
  • How to build a good Blog
  • The importance of headlines and first paragraphs
  • The ins and outs of optimising with meta tags and content.

Keyword research is also important. With Market Samurai slowing down we discussed an alternative, the Google Keyword Planner.  21 minutes.

You can enjoy the other presentations at the Joomla Videos channel.

From the Brisbane JUG, 23rd May 2014: A quick demo by Jeff Wilson of iJoomla SEO. This component is considered to be the best tool for checking that all SEO related content has been added to your site correctly, and that the site remains organic.

You can enjoy the other presentations at the Joomla Videos channel.

It's been one of the more requested topics for many years and we're finally delivering. Join Craig Phillips as he shows you how to make template modifications (that will even survive upgrade cycles) ... or not. Watch right through to the end as the hilarity is worth it!

You can see the video at the Joomla Videos channel.

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