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It's been one of the more requested topics for many years and we're finally delivering. Join Craig Phillips as he shows you how to make template modifications (that will even survive upgrade cycles) ... or not. Watch right through to the end as the hilarity is worth it!

You can see the video at the Joomla Videos channel.

The Brisbane JUG is pleased to announce the availability of the latest video recording from our July 2012 meeting.  Craig Philips presents the good oil on securing your Joomla sites, based on good sound practices ... and the mistakes of others. As one attendee remarked: "I thought I had a secure site until listening to this - there are still some basics that I have to implement."

You can see the video at

After the long awaited and momentous 1.6 release (which was so much more than just a point release), everything is about to change. 


Learn the basics on how to use Firebug to interpret and debug your Joomla sites, especially for those who are relatively new to Joomla and templating.  Daniel Holmes will be presenting.  Update: Event video now available here.


Joomla 1.6The long awaited Joomla 1.6 is now released.

Rebuilt from the ground up in much of the application, this latest Joomla release will delight the casual site builder while helping small, medium, and enterprise businesses succeed in delivering web sites, intranets and applications to their respective markets.

Delivering power through simplicity, Joomla 1.6 ensures its place as the popular CMS of its kind.

You can download it from

If you are interested in making your Joomla admin looks more modern and want to check on the security of your Joomla extensions and installation, you'll be interested in the launch of the new Joomla admin template - "Flexile"

This admin template revolves around enhanced productivity principles and will be made available for both Joomla 1.5 and the forthcoming 1.6.


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